Does Your Health Insurance Go The Extra Mile When You Travel

International travel can be an exciting adventure, provided you are aware of the need for travel health insurance. You need to be aware that travel can, and does throw up any number of unpredictable situations.Probably the most serious risk is the chance of an accident or illness occurring while you are overseas. Requiring emergency medical care, while in another country can be not only inconvenient but extremely problematic as well, if you do not have the right cover.First of all, there is an unfamiliarity associated with being in a foreign country, with a completely different culture and a different medical system, which can intensify the already problematic issue of being in an accident or requiring any other kind of emergency medical help.
Trying to communicate with people in a different language is enough of an effort, without factoring in the currency conversions, international claims administration of the country of travel, and the time difference. If this is to be further complicated by a lack of insurance cover, one might find oneself totally lost, and “at sea”.Whether you are residing in or visiting the US, your travel may throw up challenges for your existing healthcare cover. Both brief trips and extended vacations and relocation expose you to health risks not covered by your existing, domestic medical insurance.Sometimes, tourists and immigrants, even regular business travelers, overlook the need for travel health insurance, simply assuming that their medical plan provides enough coverage. However, as a rule, never leave home without extra, supplementary travel health insurance.Ask the travel agent who does your bookings, the financial institution you deal with regularly, or your doctor for references and suggestions. Supplemental travel health insurance is a must.It is not wise to rely on your domestic health plan to cover sicknesses or injuries while you are in the US. In the worst case scenario, the policy might be useless in the US, in the best; it may only cover a small portion of the expenses.Some international credit card companies now make it a part of their services to offer travel health insurance to their cardholders. Check with your card company; don’t just assume that coverage is included.The card alone may not provide adequate health coverage. Some of these companies will charge a fee for travel insurance coverage; others may require you to pay for your travel using that particular credit card. In any case, make sure you know the conditions, requirements, and limitations of the provided cover before you leave for the US.Available travel health insurance policies include short and long-term plans, as well as individual & group plans for international travelers, international students to the US, traveling business executives and even foreign missionaries.Always carry the proof of insurance cover with you, and leave a copy with someone at home, in case of emergencies. Tell your travel agent, or a friend or family member, as well as your traveling companion how to get in touch with your insurer, in case you are incapacitated.Anyone traveling outside their country of citizenship needs to be adequately covered by ample travel health insurance, regardless of where you are traveling to, and this is especially true of foreign nationals who are traveling to the USA.From the basic set of vaccinations to emergency medical care, whatever the situation is, a good travel health insurance policy can give you complete peace of mind, on your trip to the US.